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Collision While Making Left Hand Turn In San Antonio, Tx

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Collision While Making Left Hand Turn In San Antonio, Tx

Postby Xenon » Sun Sep 21, 2014 7:15 am

Car A is making left hand turn at an intersection of a city street: 4 lanes, 2 lanes in each direction. Car A proceeds through intersection southbound turning left to the east following another slowly moving vehicle making the same turn. There appears ample distance from oncoming traffic to safely make the turn. Speed limit is 30 MPH. Car B traveling northbound then collides with car A at rear right quarter-panel causing car A to spin 240 degrees making contact with car C at car A's left rear quarter-panel. Car C is waiting for signal in west bound lane. Car B leaves skid marks of approximately 50 feet in effort to stop. Car B skids from inside lane to outside lane thus striking car A who has cleared the oncoming inside lane. Car A becomes a total loss; all airbags deploy including side bags causing injury to driver of car A. Typically, how much liability would driver of car B have in this collision? Thanks.
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Collision While Making Left Hand Turn In San Antonio, Tx

Postby Gavriel » Sat Sep 27, 2014 9:05 am


A lot would depend on the question - "Who was in the best position to prevent the wreck?" You will need to have an analysis of the skid marks from an expert in that field who would be able to give an opinion as to the speed of Car B prior to the accident. If they were speeding, then they would have the most liability exposure. Regardless of the speed of Car B there may be a principle of contributory negligence on the part of the driver of Car A since the burden to make that turn across traffic in a safe manner is on them. Who received the citation from the Police? That will pretty much dictate the legal liability but what gets negotiated out by the insurance companies is a different matter.

Hope this helps.

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