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Can You Check My Answers To These History Questions? *10 Points?

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Can You Check My Answers To These History Questions? *10 Points?

Postby donough » Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:05 pm

Martin Luther King, Jr., believed that the United States had not yet fully realized the ideals of what document?
the U.S. Constitution

the Declaration of Independence<<<< ?

the Magna Carta

the Mayflower Compact

According to Martin Luther King, Jr., Mississippi

has achieved racial equality for all of its citizens.

is further along than most other southern states in achieving racial equality.

has granted some equality to its black citizens, yet remains somewhat segregated.

has done little, if anything, in the way of granting racial equality to all its citizens.<<<<< ?

Martin Luther King, Jr., would most likely have agreed with all of the following statements except
A person's values are more important than his physical traits when considering that person for a job.

If two people of the same race apply for a job, one should look at how honest and hardworking each is.

When trying a person, a jury should consider the actions of the person's family and friends.<<<< ?

When deciding whether or not a person should pass a college course, one should look closely at his or her grades.

On what does Martin Luther King, Jr., pin the hopes for a fully desegregated society?

faith<<<< ?



What did Martin Luther King, Jr., believe must happen before the United States could be considered a great nation?
African Americans must become more politically active in state and federal government.

All whites must respect blacks and regard them as equal members of society.

The nation must become a land where liberty is granted to all without regard to race.<<<< ?

Schools and churches must not be allowed to restrict membership to a single race.
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