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Can this be considered a libelous comment?

Defamation Law Discussion Forum

Can this be considered a libelous comment?

Postby gideon » Sat Apr 02, 2011 12:28 pm

im posting this comment regarding one employee who posted an ad for an available
room / space in their place just beside Isadora Inn. Out of good faith, we
checked the place and after many promises and good promotions (he will provide
a table, a place for our dog, etc) we agreed upon the terms -- 1 month advance,
1 month deposit,

Before we paid the amounts, we were informed that the original room we asked to
be reserved will not be given to us because they changed their plans and
decided to stay in that same room that he agreed to reserve for us and offered
a lower rent. We agreed.

We tried asking if we can pay just an advance, he said yes and just pay the rest
March 5. After the payments were settled February 18, he texted asking if we
could just pay the 1 month advance upon our actual transfer which is February
20. Our mistake that we did not even draft a contract upon paying the terms.

We moved in February 20th, paid the remaining 1 month advance (hence, we have
our 2 months paid already).

We were not given a table so we had to eat on the floor, No space for a dog at
the back of the unit because the unit downstairs is no longer rented by them.
That was fine.

We followed the house rules. No slippers inside the house, clean the stove after
use. Turn off all the lights at night

February 27, without further ado, we were informed that they need the space
because his girlfriend's family will come over from Korea, hence, we're OUT.
And to top it all out, we only have until March 4 because they need the room be
March 5. The only option given was they'll give back the unused rental payment.
As if that really is an option!

Fair? I don't think so. We had guaranteed them 2 months payment but we did not
have any guarantee from them. We had ALL the inconvenience in the process. And
they did not even have the decency to at least apologize for it. Just asked for
the key when we left. Talk about MANNERS.

This is the first time that i'm writing something this long. For some it might
seem like a childish rant but for someone who spent time packing and unpacking
and pack again after a week and had to look for another apartment in less than
a week, it's a valid complaint.

Beware of this person trying to sell you anything. If you can't help but buy
something, ask him to sign and contract with you so you can sue him when he
tries to back out again and he can continue his business in the City Jail.

And to Mr. Blank-- thank you for the inconvenience. I have a lot of things
to say to you -- but I'd rather not -- you wouldn't like it.
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Can this be considered a libelous comment?

Postby andor25 » Sat Apr 02, 2011 12:36 pm

NO---To be "Liable" it must first be stated with malice to do harm, second it must be False and third, you did not identify the other party.

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Can this be considered a libelous comment?

Postby ealahweemah72 » Sat Apr 02, 2011 12:40 pm

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