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Can someone summarize this, BEST ANSWER!!?

The law of the sea.

Can someone summarize this, BEST ANSWER!!?

Postby voliny13 » Fri Nov 25, 2011 7:46 am


(PETERBOROUGH) Mayor Daryl Bennett won't say who is best to be our MPP, but he does have a wish list for whoever wins the election.

Municipal governments are technically products of the Province, so who represents our region as an MPP next term can have a big influence on local government.

"Their legislation determines much of what we can and cannot do," Mayor Bennett said while presenting the list Tuesday morning at Northminster United Church at the Learning in Leisure club.

His requests are:

- Continued uploading, including security at the courthouses

- Update the 1987 "heads and beds" funding formula where the Province pays in lieu of taxes for hospitals and post-secondary institutions

- Introduce a new infrastructure funding program

- Permanent gas-tax funding for transit

- Improve the accountability of the Provincial arbitration system for emergency service workers

- Funding focus on support for people having a tough time making ends meet, this includes affordable housing, reasonable energy costs, home care and child care.

Even though our manufacturing, trade, education, and service sectors are doing well, he says the Province could help improve our economic recovery.

"We have no shortage of capital needs in the City and the County," he adds.

Peterborough County Warden J. Murray Jones has a wish list of his own, similar to that of the mayor.

"Municipalities can't take any more downloading," he states.

More uploading is needed, he adds, including social services.

He'd also like to see a fund set up similar to the stimulus funding where the three levels of government each paid a third of the costs for big items. There is about $90 million in road work needed in the County.

Liability is expensive too. If a municipality is found one per cent liable for an incident on their roads or at their facilities, he says they may get stuck with the whole bill.

More funding for the Eastern Ontario Development Fund, he says, will help create more jobs.

There's also an urgent need for more long-term care beds.

With the Green Energy Act, he says there's a lot of potential for municipalities to make money under the Feed-In Tariff program that offers high rates for solar and other green energy production. The downside is municipalities have little say in where this Green energy is produced.

What are the candidates and their parties prepared to do for municipalities?

"Property tax is unfair," says Green candidate Gary Beamish.

A senior living in a big house, he says, pays an unfair amount of tax for how much money they make.

"We need to thoughtfully upload," he adds, noting police and ambulance costs are especially important.

Since the Greens believe in a guaranteed annual income, he says, municipalities won't have the social services burden.

The Greens, he adds, believe in public transit where the amount of people needed it justify building it.

The Ontario Municipal Board needs an overhaul, he notes. Adjudicators are inconsistent and the cost to fight a developer is too high for most people.

If they want to, Liberal incumbent Jeff Leal says municipalities will be allowed to expand the Greenbelt in their regions. In Peterborough, his government plans to invest $4 million in affordable housing with the main project getting the funding headed up by Community Living.

The Liberals, he says, have a good relationship with municipalities in plan to upload another $25 million in services from the City and County.

"We're certainly seeing municipalities taking advantage of the FIT program," he adds.

Progressive Conservative candidate Alan Wilson says his government would continue infrastructure spending. He also says they would give all municipalities a portion of the gas tax revenue, which currently only goes to municipalities with transit systems. The City gets it, but the County doesn't.

"We would increase the fund," he says.

He wants to see the state of the economy before committing to more uploading of services, noting property tax is the worst kind because it hits the most vulnerable.

Mr. Wilson accuses the Liberals of taking planning away from municipalities with the Green Energy Act, a piece of legislation the PCs plan to get rid of. Municipalities, he adds, have jumped on the bandwagon but the costs paid to electricity producers are grossly inflated.
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Can someone summarize this, BEST ANSWER!!?

Postby webb » Fri Nov 25, 2011 7:49 am

The Summary: Do not believe everything you read.
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Can someone summarize this, BEST ANSWER!!?

Postby shipley » Fri Nov 25, 2011 7:58 am

Summary: Daryl Bennett has a pipe dream.
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Can someone summarize this, BEST ANSWER!!?

Postby otis » Fri Nov 25, 2011 8:14 am

Summary? You could have been more concise. Didn't bother to read it.
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