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Can My Employer Clock Me Out?

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Can My Employer Clock Me Out?

Postby Calvert » Sun Mar 19, 2017 2:39 pm

I work for a small franchise, about 11 people, and when we close up shop, my manager on duty picks a time that we will be out of there by and "Pre-clock us out." So i get clocked out at at certain time(of the managers choosing) and have to be done by then. wether we finish on time or not, we still get clocked out at that time. they say they have to do it this way because of the software's closing procedures, all numbers have to be in before they can start. the main thing is i have to take my bosses' word for it. I worked for a world wide corp. before this, and only the employees themselves can punch in or out. manager's had editing rights, but with the partner's consent.
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Can My Employer Clock Me Out?

Postby Ordland » Sun Mar 19, 2017 7:23 pm

This is not acceptable. You should be clocking in and clocking out. The managers can adjust time but only when it is incorrect and only with the employee's permission.

You should not be working at all after you are clocked out. If your manager clocks you out you need to leave right then. Walmart and several other places are in trouble for having employees clocked out and still working. They are in large lawsuits over this. The Department of Labor has hired 250 new agents and will be more agressive this year because of the complaints that they were not agressive enough when responding to complaints.

If the company continues to do this they can be sued. If it continues to happen and you are working after being clocked out keep track of your time and put in a claim for unpaid wages with the Department of Labor.

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