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Can I use a grill bottle to run my hot water heater some how?

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Can I use a grill bottle to run my hot water heater some how?

Postby wakeley58 » Tue Apr 03, 2012 1:16 am

My house is on propane and propane is really expensive. The company I get propane from(the only one I can get propane from) only delivers a 200 gallon minimum. Which will be around $400 dollars. That's a lot of money for me and I can't come up with that much all at once. Well the only thing in my house that runs on propane is the hot water heater and furnace. I don't run furnace at all I burn wood instead. So that leaves hot water heater for showers only. Is there a way I can hook up a grill bottle to run my hot water heater? I'm leasing my house and I'm currently out of propane and having to shower at my patents house. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Can I use a grill bottle to run my hot water heater some how?

Postby mace » Tue Apr 03, 2012 1:24 am

=== you can adapt the hose of the grill bottle to mate to the outside connection of the big tank .. you must get another gas bottle regulator and hose --- because you need the grill connections to be left in place ... figure what is necessary to hook the gas-B to the hot water gas inlet and have that gas brass and copper connection crimped onto the new hose end === by the way TURN OFF all gas tanks and bottles and valves before changing connections etc. ... propane operates at a very low pounds per square inch [[ PSI ]] and it is important to apply teflon white tape to those connections so you do not have any leaks when you have all new connections in place a spray bottle with small amount of dish liquid soap with 1/2 bottle of water will detect leaks by bubbles if it is leaking propane .. XTX
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Can I use a grill bottle to run my hot water heater some how?

Postby atworth49 » Tue Apr 03, 2012 1:25 am

The regulator and tank connection should hook up to a grill tank no problem.The regulator is sized to the appliance, not to the container it is connected to. As long as this is a conventional water heater of about 35,000 btu's it will work fine. That is about the same btu's as a grill. But if you have a tankless heater it wont work. Those heaters are often 150,000 or even larger. A 20lb cylinder will not run that.

The connection will be a left hand thread with a tapered connection. DO NOT USE TEFLON or any other type of sealant on that connection. It is not necessary and can cause problems with fuel flow if it gets into the orifice or goes downstream to the appliance gas valve.

Make sure you ue a 50/50 solution of dish soap and water to leak check your connections.

One last thing. You will need to open the cylinder valve very slowly and only open it slightly for a few seconds. Then you can open it all the way and "backseat" the valve. There is an excess flow valve in the cylinder valve that could activate prematurely if you open the valve too quickly. This will make the appliance very hard to light and you will have a very low flame if any at all.

I hope this helps. Good luck with it!
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