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Can i do any thing bout this?

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Can i do any thing bout this?

Postby adin55 » Sat Oct 29, 2011 9:20 pm

me (age17) and my girlfriend (age 17) are going to have a baby in july and my mom wont let me move in with her and her parents and go ahead and get my ged even tho im a grade behind and ill be 19 she wont let me get a job and im in a situation that prevents me from seeing my baby i dont have a license nor a vehicle so it would be very inconvenient to see my child if i dont live with them her father has told me he was going to put me through welding classes if i decide to get my ged and can move in my family is finatialy unable to help me with any thing before we found out about the baby im going to have i was going to have to work this summer to get a car any way my mom wont let me get a license because she says she can't afford to put me on her insurance im thinking that i wont get my license until i get out of high school i was going to have to every thing on my own even before i got the news like buy my own car pay my own insurance but i cant get even a part time job until i get out of high school so at 19 how am i suppose to get to and from work so that i can pay for a car and get insurance it seems like im getting older but im stuck in one place and with a baby on the way i have to get something started are there any laws or any thing that i can do i live in mississippi we are both 17 and ill have more opertunities living with them considering the fact that my family i live with (mom grandma and my sister which also had a baby at 17 )cant help in any way because they helped my sister who had a license and a job at 16 and a car that THEY (gradma) bought and by the way my sister and grandma just went on a cruise to the bahamas this past summer and for some odd reason cant afford to get me on my feet a bit SO PLEASE IF YOU CAN HELP IN ANY WAY AND PROVIDE ANY INFO ABOUT MISSISSIPPI LAWS THAT PRETAIN TO WHAT IM GOING THROUGH I WOULD REALLY APPRICIATE IT SORRY FOR THE SPELL ERRORS
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Can i do any thing bout this?

Postby rushford79 » Sat Oct 29, 2011 9:21 pm

I don't know how to help but you sound like a great guy and I wish you both the best
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Can i do any thing bout this?

Postby orson19 » Sat Oct 29, 2011 9:26 pm

you made the baby it is your responcability to be ther for your child and to do your best to provide for it and be its father. at seventeen you should be able to just go ahead and move out. you will be living under the supervision of adults, if you move into your grilfriends parents home.

if you decide to move out, try to do so peacfully. tell your mom you are sirous about your responcability concerning your baby. try to let her know you love and respect her. but you have to be aman now and not a little boy. you are going to be a parent. hope it all works out for youand your grilfriend. ps why not ask your grilfriends father and mother to have a talk with your mom amd try to reason with her ans assure her. and rember she is your mother and it is sooo hard to let go of your children. .
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