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California Roommate Eviction Laws?

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California Roommate Eviction Laws?

Postby valentino » Mon Dec 12, 2011 5:02 pm

I have a couple questions here regarding the legalities of evicting a roommate (a tenant who is not on a signed lease with the actual landlord along with another tenant of the same condition, both live with two brothers who are on the signed lease agreement with the owner of the house). Do roommates without a lease agreement with the home owner fall under the same tenant rights and laws?
My boyfriend's roommates (the two brothers) just decided to evict him via text message giving him two days to move out. If he does have the same rights as a textbook tenant, they legally would have to give him a three day notice to move out or correct the problem.

So, my question is this: In California, do roommates fall under the same legalities as a tenant on the sign lease? If not what are those laws and where can I locate the civil codes and laws to keep a copy?

Keep in mind: There is no written agreement between the roommates and the signed tenants of the house, and the tenant I am referring to has maintained keeping up on rent, hasn't damaged the property, disturbed any other roommates, been violent or participated in illegal activities.
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California Roommate Eviction Laws?

Postby ingel » Mon Dec 12, 2011 5:10 pm

no lease he is month to month and must be given full month to leave so already told they cannot seek legal action to remove him before January
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