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Are we afraid to leave the Hadith behind?

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Are we afraid to leave the Hadith behind?

Postby vaiveatoish » Sat Mar 17, 2012 10:03 pm


Since legislation (fiqh) has been formed on the basis of Hadith, we as Muslims have stagnated with all forms progress (natural sciences, social sciences, medicine, economics, social welfare, governance, etc). On a more serious note, we have also been forced to read lies which slander Muhammed (The seal of the prophets of the revelations).

I've read stories in regard to Muhammed's sex life, his military strategies, and his other whims and fancies. Unlike the majority of you, I refuse to believe in any of it, due to the fact that these narrations are either bold faced lies or snapshots of more complicated events beyond my understanding (due to the fact that I didn't exist in his life).

Of course, there are some Hadith that paint the Prophet in a very positive light and this of course gladdens my heart (I'm only human). However, we have a price to pay if we are to accept even these Hadith. Hadith is more a package deal. If you accept the good then you have to accept the bad. This is due to a "science" or "methodology" that advertises itself as very scholarly and concrete. We, like fools, then accept what we don't understand merely on the basis of ignorance. I advise all Muslims to learn this "science" and be the judge for themselves.

Do you ever come across people who tell you to learn Classical Arabic in order to better understand the Quran? They are correct in giving this advice though I don't think they realizing they are giving up their status by doing so. One should learn it in order to better understand the Quran for themselves.

45:6 These are the verses of God We convey to you with truth. Then, in what HADITH, if not in God and His verses, will they believe?

Yes, in the above verse, God specifically uses the word "Hadith"? Why doesn't He use the word Qawl?

Are we afraid of what we will find in the Quran (The truth)? Are we afraid that we won't find what we're looking for (our hidden agendas)?
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