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Are we about to engage in another war with Somalia?

The law of the sea.

Are we about to engage in another war with Somalia?

Postby shen86 » Thu Mar 31, 2011 3:05 pm

I guess the USA doesn't have enough deficit already, if you want this.
Not now, you need to follow how things are done. For example how things worked out in Iraq. The military industrial complex needs to prove itself everyday so politicians can justify the large portion of the budget use for it. Now that we don't have "nuclear threats" they need to create another threat and pirates seems to be the next step. So what if we just send ships to pass by in front of them, you know ship bait it works to get blacks and hispanics in CA why not in Somalia. But for now the politicians and lobbyist of the military industrial complex will use it to show how weak our president is for not immediately invading the country. Just like during the Clinton years and Saddam. Then the next republican leader can take the "ballsy" stand to attack and gain admiration...
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Are we about to engage in another war with Somalia?

Postby ealahweemah72 » Thu Mar 31, 2011 3:14 pm

So you found an article that said that you can't protect yourself if Somali pirates shoot at you? My guess is the article was removed for being moronic.

"Do you think it's the job of the US military to intervene?"

What is the job of the US military if not to protect the lives of Americans?

"Or should all ships carry weapons and crew members to fight off the pirates on their own?"

Even with the possibility of military intervention, the answer is yes. I wouldn't go to Detroit without packing, these people off the coast of Somali should also be ready to defend themselves.
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