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Anybody else get a Verizon federal court email?

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Anybody else get a Verizon federal court email?

Postby vipponah » Wed Jun 27, 2012 5:16 pm

The subject of the email is "Class Action Settlement Notice Ordered By Federal Court in Moore et al v. Verizon et al., Case No. 09-cv-1823 SBA?" and I was wondering if anyone else got it.
If yes, can you explain what this is all about and why they are emailing me about this?
I'm kind of confused. Thanks!
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Anybody else get a Verizon federal court email?

Postby caffar » Wed Jun 27, 2012 5:21 pm

I also received the email. Basically what happened was that Verizon allegedly billed you charges (land-line phone) that it shouldn't have. To avoid litigation Verizon has agreed to settle with Settlement class members (that's you). You have two options, take a flat rate of $40 for the inconvenience of being over-billed, or have a full payment claim filed which will refund you 100% of the unauthorized charges. The catch however, or risk, is that if you file the full refund claim (100%) it may be less than $40. On the other hand, your refund (according to "Class council", the guys holding up the claim I'm assuming) say some people have claims for hundreds of dollars. The choice is completely up to you, though.
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