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Alias for a villain in my book?

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Alias for a villain in my book?

Postby gervaso81 » Wed Nov 30, 2011 11:57 pm

The book is a dark fiction novel about grim reapers, angels, and demons. My villain is half angel and half human, his real name is Alden. I'm having it in the book that in the human world he's known for his brutal murders, though no one knows who he truly is, that's why I need an alias given to him by the press. He can change his bone structure and grow hormones on a whim to change his appearance. His main appearance is of a young teenage boy with disheveled light blonde hair with a choppy fringe hanging a little in his eyes, piercing grey eyes, pale skin, and about 5'5" to 5'6". He can also grow bones from out of no where. He uses this to grow tiny hooked bones in his fingers (much like a spider) to climb walls as well as growing long, thick, sharp bones out of the tips of his fingers, toes, arms, and legs, to use as blades when fighting. He's a few centuries old (haven't decided exactly HOW old yet).
As for a background, he is the spawn of a Priest (In my story this term is a human who serves the heavens and afterlife by keeping human world in balance; eradicating any demons, reapers, angels, ghosts, ect. that have stepped out of line by judgment of the reapers and God. What differs them from humans is that they have the ability to use Grim Reaper weapons) and a Guardian Angel ( An angel that serves along side and Guards the Priest). It's a sin for such a romantic relationship between angel and human to take place especially when it leads to a child. The father angel was executed, but was reincarnated as a Grim Reaper by accident. The Priest was damned to forever be reborn again and again as a Priest, remembering every single life she's had but never being able to interact with the people she knew.
The reason it is such a sin is because their are certain hormones and cells in the angel and human brains that are toxic with each other. They blind the child's judgment and give them extreme psychotic tendencies. Alden was not allowed into heaven or hell or anywhere but the human world. He never met his original parents but he did meet them in reincarnated form but could never be close to them due to the laws set by the spirit world. He was completely isolated his entire life which only fed his psychotic tendencies, giving him the forever lust to kill. He eventually becomes more of an anti-hero and helping the main characters in some situations, but completely screwing them over in others.
Personality: His personality can shift completely based on the situations. He's quite laid-back and calm when it comes to his murders, seeing nothing wrong with what he's doing. In near death situations he has a bit of a "I don't give a sh*t attitude" due to the fact that he doesn't even know if its possible for him to die. Though when it comes to normal social situations he becomes awkward and shy, having absolutely no experience at this. Even so, he's a bit of a natural at manipulating another person's emotions to his will, calming or angering the people around him in an instant.
I want him to have a bit of a trademark to go along with his killings that is disturbing and goes along with his alias. When I say Alias I mean like "The Joker" in Batman or "Phantom Sai" in Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro. You know, something kind of ominous. Thank you for your help! I hope this is enough info! ^_^
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Alias for a villain in my book?

Postby mate » Wed Nov 30, 2011 11:58 pm

Damian Dejà , lol I thought of it randomly, hope I helped(:
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