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Adult (model) Scouting

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Adult (model) Scouting

Postby Jorell » Tue Mar 14, 2017 4:12 am

I know alot of girls that would be interested in the adult film industry. This gave me an idea of anside awesome side business. I am just curious about the laws regarding being an adult scout. Aswell as after I have their information. How do I get it to producers or agents. How to find them, and make alittle money at it also. Like I said. I know plenty of girls up for the challenge. Most of which are exotic dancers now.
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Adult (model) Scouting

Postby Balldwin » Thu Mar 16, 2017 11:57 am


With regards to keeping everything legal, make sure that you & your recruits are age 18+(and don't beat Tina), and you should be good-to-go. ;-)(Just jivin' you, my man; I'm sure that you get that a lot.)

The timing of this question is interesting, since just last week I had my IT people remove a contact form for would-be talent scouts that had been a high-traffic page on our website(http://www.licensedmodels.com) for nearly half a decade.

Why did I do that?

Well, to put it bluntly, my experience has been that nearly 100% of the guys(men who are NOT established producers) that contact me in regards to our talent management Company are a complete waste of my(and our Company's) time.

Please don't take this as a personal attack against you personally, or think that I'm a pompous a-hole, because of my previous statement. I've just got that East-coast-style matter-of-fact way of speaking in my blood.

Time after time, I'd hear from guys here in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas, and all across the country, "Mr. Mike... I've got so many females on deck... if you let me recruit models for you, you'll have 10 applications from sexy aspiring models by the end of the week!" Woo-hoo! It all sounds good, right? Fact is, though - time and time and time and time again - all I hear is "bark, bark, bark", yet I have yet to ever see a single bite. It just doesn't happen.

Come on, now. Anyone who knows me personally will tell you that I'm a very respectful gentleman who is not given to "looking down on" his fellow man, but when guys are constantly telling me that they "can"(i.e., "have the potential") to do what I've already done, and what I continue to do on a weekly basis,(and they NEVER end up delivering diddly-squat) it gets to the point where I don't even feel like wasting my time LISTENING to dudes run their mouths about how many "girls [they] can get" or "girls that **would be interested** in the adult film industry". Straight up... it doesn't really rustle my feathers to hear that anymore; it doesn't really get me excited.

Literally HUNDREDS of models have entered the adult film industry "fresh off the bus"(i.e., without ever being on a porn set, without having ever met a single porn producer/agent/etc., or without having ever so much as taken off their clothes in front of a camera) over the past 5 years, directly through our Company. And with the exception of 1(one) single model(just a single one), guess who is the 1(one) single person responsible for recruiting every single one of them?

You guessed it... ME; the same person who is responding right now to your question. In saying this, I have a flashback to the movie Scarface, where Tony Montana's yelling from his hot-tub at his best friend, "Who do I trust? Me!" He ended up alienating all of the people who cared about him from his life.

And it's NOT like that, at all, in my case. I'm in a people-business, where people skills are absolutely crucial. The whole talent management industry, adult & mainstream, is about networking, establishing connections, building business relationships, etc. And I'm very good at it. I work, every day, with my team here at the office, producers, casting directors, photographers, directors, accounting and payroll departments, vice presidents and even presidents of production companies, models, aspiring models, etc., etc., etc. But, in general, working with TALENT SCOUTS has been something that has not proven itself to bear fruit for my Company or our bottom line.

I'm sure you're wondering, at this point, "well... why did you even accept to answer my question?" Right? Well, let me tell you how I got to where I am today...

As my profile here on AllExperts reflects, I began my career working for a large talent management Corporation for mainstream screen(SAG) actors & fashion models, that's been around now for about 2 decades. That Corporation is now essentially the parent Company of LicensedModels.com, which is our division for adult(porn) models. In 2006, after working for that mainstream talent Company for quite some time... since we were already based geographically in the HEART of the porn capital of the world(the San Fernando Valley, in Los Angeles, CA), I figured it would be a wonderful idea to open a division for porn models. I brought the idea to the President, and he said, "That's a great idea, Mike... and since it's your bright idea, guess what I'm going to do? I'm going to put YOU in charge of that division." And that's where it all began.

Our Company, up until 2006 - 2007, had TONS of experience with professional high-end talent management as a whole, but little-to-no experience whatsoever with the adult film industry or working with porn stars. So, in 2006, I went to go work for two different porn production Companies, in their sales & marketing departments, to basically "get around" the porn industry and get a feel for how things work within it. Then, although our doors were already opened for about 15 years, the doors to our porn-industry division were opened in early 2007.

Since day #1, we've been able to make the honest claim of being the "ONE AND ONLY crossover(major porn + major mainstream) talent management Company in the ENTIRE North American porn industry," due to the fact that we already had a major mainstream talent management Company operational for many years.(We simply ADDED a division for the porn industry.) Up until that point, you had INDIVIDUAL pornstars(Jenna, Sasha, and a few others) doing major crossover work, and maybe a single talent manager or two offering low-profile so-called "crossover" promotion(i.e., porn + a "Skinemax" softcore porn movie here + maybe a cameo in a music video for a local rock band from Tuscaloosa there) - but never before(and still to this day, besides our Company) has there been a MAJOR talent management Company with the ability to promote their PORNSTARS to MAJOR COMPANIES like Penthouse, Reality Kings, Brazzers, Hustler, etc. and(same day, under the same roof, and within the same organization) to promote their contract models for MAJOR mainstream productions to MAJOR MAINSTREAM COMPANIES like DreamWorks, Warner Brothers, America's Next Top Model, MTV, etc. Nobody does that, besides us, and that's our Company's main niche.

To assure that we can continuously ALSO lay claim to the statement that "we are the top talent management Company for new girls(18+) in the North American porn industry", we continue to run our operation so that - EVEN IF we did NOT have ANY of the mainstream or crossover ability or connections(which we do) - we still would be providing our contract models with the top promotional and management services available WITHIN THE PORN INDUSTRY... management & promotional services that are literally state-of-the-art, world-class, and - to be blunt - better than what anybody else offers. I, my Company, our contract models, and many adult film production companies are very confident that we live up to this claim, each and every day of every week.

So... to summarize... LicensedModels.com IS the top talent management Company for every new aspiring porn model in North America, including the strippers that you know. HOWEVER, *until you have proven that you can bear fruit for our Company*, we simply do NOT have the time to train you, talk to you, e-mail you, or even respond to any more of your questions here on AllExperts.com. In fact, according to my "Instructions to er" which you already had seen BEFORE typing the first word of your question today, you weren't really supposed to have contacted me in the first place.

My "Instructions to er" clearly states: "Also, guys(age 18+) who want to get started in the adult film business are encouraged to complete an application to become a talent scout at LicensedModels.com, but we DO NOT ACCEPT applications for management OR QUESTIONS FROM aspiring male talent at this time." So, you really should have read my address to "...Men who want to know: 'How can I, as a man, get into the porn industry?'" on our website(http://www.licensedmodels.com/Recruiting.html) and then I shouldn't have even heard the name "Ike" until your first model applied on our website, and then subsequently dropped your name when SHE is here - sitting across from me in our conference room - as the person who referred her to our Company.

So, for ANY guy who wants to refer models to the top talent management Company for new girls(18+) in the porn industry(and wants to make the best possible money doing so), the process is very simple:

- TALENT SCOUT: "Hey, little lady, are you over 18 years old?"

- ASPIRING MODEL: "Yes, sir."

- TALENT SCOUT: "Do you want to get into the porn industry, and also be promoted for MAJOR mainstream modeling by the top Company in the business?"

- ASPIRING MODEL: "Yes, please, sir."

- TALENT SCOUT: "OK, great! Grab a pen... Now write down this website... it's www.LicensedModels.com. I need you to go there and click on 'APPLY' and complete an application for a modeling contract. ON THE APPLICATION, there will be a question that asks who your talent scout is. Make sure to put my name in that box. Also, make sure to follow-up your application with photos to the e-mail address that will automatically be provided for you, otherwise they will DECLINE your application."

- ASPIRING MODEL: "I got it. LicensedModels.com... and put your name as my talent scout on the application. Then, send photos IMMEDIATELY after I apply."

- TALENT SCOUT: "Once LicensedModels.com calls you, if and when they invite you in for an interview at their office, make sure to again tell them(in person) that I am the person responsible for referring you to their Company."

- ASPIRING MODEL: "Thank you, sir."

- TALENT SCOUT: "Good luck!"

Pretty darn easy, right? I never claimed to be a rocket scientist... LOL!

So, that's it. Get us a couple models, and then I'll be MORE THAN WILLING to train you further, in a much more personal forum than AllExperts.com. Until then, to be clear, I will not be able to answer any follow-up questions on AllExperts from you, answer any e-mails, phone calls, etc. - until you have 1st proven that you're able to bear fruit for our Company. The pay-out schedule for talent scouts is mentioned on our website. Happy hunting!

Hakuna Matata,

Mike the Talent Manager

Senior Vice President

LicensedModels.com Model & Talent Mgmt.

*No earnings or income claims or promises are to be implied through this response. Also, Mike is not a lawyer or qualified to provide legal advise.
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