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Adult cyber slander/harrassment/bullying?

Defamation Law Discussion Forum

Adult cyber slander/harrassment/bullying?

Postby sebastiano » Thu Dec 29, 2011 8:48 pm

Ive asked this before but no one seems to actually read my entire question because the advice is about what I said is NOT happening. Anyway, here goes.
My husbands ex wife has been i guess bullying harrassing or whatever for three years. The entire time him and I have been together (3yrs). Their relationship ended badly, he got into trouble was in jail (she also isnt a good seed) and while he was in jail for the few months she moved in with a friend of his and they got pregnant. He cleaned up, and tried to move on but she wouldnt let him, calling, begging, writing. But she hates that him and I are together. I have said some mean things the first half of the 3 years, then i learned to stop. Anyway, i shouldnt have said anything, or have been mean about it but my husbands had to change his number three times do to her getting ahold of it, texting rude crude stuff all hoirs of day and night, calling. I had to shut my home phone off because she kept calling amd hanging up. I blocked her from social media sites because she was sending messages, which i wish I had saved but I was also stupid enough to reply to, Ill admit. I deleted my myspace account, blocking doesnt do much there. Otherwise she put up status messages using my full name saying im a b word, im psycho, i stalk her, i need mental help, i have stds. Sometimes shed not say my full name, sometimes say her exes new fling. Well shes been doing it on facebook, altho I have her blocked, I live in a small town, she has over 600 "friends" and i hear about her calling me same things and recently threatening me. Now, ive saved everything via screen shots for all three years except the myspace messages just the updates. Anyway, i am high risk pregnancy right now, and I cannot deal with the stress or slander any longer. But i also dont know what legitimate bullying, harrassment is or what i can actually do? Shes sorta threatened once recently but not a viable threat, just "come say it to my face ******!"
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Adult cyber slander/harrassment/bullying?

Postby tate8 » Thu Dec 29, 2011 8:53 pm

If it's causing you this level of stress then it's certainly harassment. It doesn't have to involve physical threats. You should write a summary timeline, with links to the key pieces of information you've kept, and the impact it's had on you, and take it to the police.
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Adult cyber slander/harrassment/bullying?

Postby fychan97 » Thu Dec 29, 2011 8:56 pm

That is a difficult one. In a perfect world adults should be mature enough to make their own judgments about people and not be overly influenced by social networking but we don't live in a perfect world. The level of maturity we can expect of adults today is about that of 12 year olds 30 or 40 years ago. Much of this is thanks to technology of the communication age such as social networks.
All I can suggest is that you phase most social networks out of your life and make friends who judge you for who you are in person and not for what some overgrown child says about you on the internet. You can of course hire a lawyer and bring legal action to bear on your nemesis and you might very well win but that will not change the erroneous judgment that these 600 or so children have made about you. If this is seriously impacting your ability to find and keep employment than that may also be part of a civil suit but again even though you might win, it won't really change anything. Honestly what strangers think of you on Facebook or some other social network is not something to lose sleep over. Most of the users of Facebook have hundreds of contacts with the happy label of "Friend" that they probably wouldn't notice in a semi-crowded fastfood store. My cat has a facebook account with over 700 friends and his profile pic is a photo of him and his hero is Garfield, favorite book is the cat detective series. If someone says something harsh about him on Facebook I can assure you it is less important to him than licking his anus. Have the same attitude. Facebook is a game unless you use it to enhance/advertise your business or establish professional contacts. For the most part the same is true of every social network. They may be useful to some people in highly specialized fields but for most of us they are just a stream of inane comments by people we could care less about.
When all else fails try to remember the internet has an off button. And of course if or when this harassment leaves the internet and appears on your porch call the police.
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