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Abandoned Property

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Abandoned Property

Postby Harti » Thu Dec 01, 2016 8:23 am


For many years now, there is a abandoned house across from my grandmothers there is pr.  Many attempts have been made in the past to purchase the property but the owners(children and uncles) could not agree on a price.

The house is crumbling away and the neighbors have encroached on the land.

I have been told that the property may now belong to the government as it has been 15 years or more since anyone has inhabited the residence.  My family has tried to maintain it, meaning mowing the grass and keeping the weeds down so that it doesnt look so bad.

How can I find out if the government owns the property and how can I purchase or aquire the land?

Any suggestions are gratefully accepted.

Thank you,

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Abandoned Property

Postby Barend » Fri Dec 02, 2016 4:27 pm

Hola, Lynn.

You could start by checking the ownership of the property in the Property Registry.  You will be able to confirm who is the current owner, date of purchase, if there is any loan on the property, etc.

Also, if the property has been abandoned, it would be advisable to notify the municipality, as there are laws that require owners to take care of their properties(Law 222; Art. 323, 31 LPRA sec. 1241 of the Código Civil de Puerto Rico(Puerto Rico Civil Code).  

In addition, you can check with a lawyer on other possible options to acquire the property.   I already noted that your family has been taking care of maintaining it, so that would be of help in a legal process.

You mentioned that in the past the owners did not agree on the price.  Is there any information regarding the whereabouts of those owners?

Talk with your relatives, and start a plan of action regarding the property.  It is a long process, but you should start it without further delay.

Buena suerte.

Saludos desde Puerto Rico,

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