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A Company Level Njp?

Been involved in a traffic accident? Discuss traffic laws here

A Company Level Njp?

Postby Mikolas » Tue Nov 22, 2016 5:34 am

Alright i'm getting a Company level NJP. why? because heres the story. back in September i was caught speeding i pleaded guilty because i was. got my privileges on base revoked for three months. well its the beginning of December. I was duty Driver in a change over. While exiting the fuel farm. where the speed limit is not posted. A Roadmaster was waiting for me to pull out,(for going a little bit fast, which it couldn't of been more than 15mph) he had me pullover. Why at first i did not know why. Alot happened but at the end. It was decided to let my SNCOIC to handle it. Which got me out of a ticket which was just going to be a verbal repermand until i forgot a little bit of courtesy after the Roadmaster's Unprofessional ism. Which all was Apologized for. Now my SSgt is pushing for a Company level njp and is treating this as if i did get a second ticket. They believed i did not learn the first time. Which i have learned the first time, and i at no point disobey traffic laws. I don't know if you need to know more but i can supply more details if need.

But i'm wondering if i should refuse the NJP. To me its all blown out of proportion.

ANSWER: Robert:  You had base driving privledges revoked for 3 months for ONE speeding ticket?  That sounds a bit excessive to me, unless the speed was really bad or in a school zone or something.    Moving on from there, you get caught again for speeding, and then basically disrespect the Roadmaster.  Bad idea for sure.  Regardless of someone elses 'unprofessionalism' or not, it's never wise to mouth off to superiors.  Sounds to me like this is what they are gigging you for.  Obviously, you DID disobey traffic laws if the roadmaster got you.    What, exactly, are they charging you with?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Well i never got a ticket or citation for the incident. The Roadmaster let me go.(oh and i wasnt mouthing off, i simply was paniced and when i couldnt make out something he said i asked what was that) but My SNOCIC wants to throw everything they can at me. Which would consist of Loss of Rank, Loss of Pay, Extra duties, Restriction. i;ve told this story to a few of my fellow marines and they think its blown out of proportion, There speed limit wasnt posted and i wasnt going out of control fast, it couldnt of even been 15mph, and i have a witness with me too. So i dunno i wanna know if i can fight it.
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A Company Level Njp?

Postby Primo » Fri Nov 25, 2016 8:22 pm

Robert:  You have to do what you think is best for you and what your chances are.  I'd talk to a real lawyer from JAG and not sea lawyers in the barracks, to get their opinion on this.  If you gamble with the CM and lose, you could end up worse off than you'll be with an NJP.  A CM is considered a criminal rather than an administrative action.  Go talk to JAG and see what they tell you, then go from there.

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