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2012 ford focus lemon?

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2012 ford focus lemon?

Postby chason58 » Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:46 am

I bought my 2012 Ford Focus back in May of 2011 and it has been nothing but problems ever since and has let me to really regret buying a ford at all.... the dealer is no help just keeps talking about the update that will never seem to come.. REALLY FED UP WITH THIS CAR!

My car has been in four times for the same SYNC issue would this count as lemon law in the state of Ohio? I have included a summary of all of the issues I have had with the car below.

Thanks in advance!

2012 Ford Focus Issues Summary
• March 23rd 2011
o Ordered 2012 Ford Focus Titanium
o Promised 5/7/2011

• May 10th 2011
o Received 2012 Ford Focus Titanium
o Late promised on 5/7/2011

• May 26th 2011
o Applied Auto Guard
o Installed Bug Shield
o Installed Remote Start
o Ordered missing ignition cover

• May 28th 2011
o Returned to re-apply auto guard due to installed in correctly causing runs on car.
o Installed missing ignition cover

• June 1st 2011
o Issue with remote start
o Able to fix over phone had become UN-programed.

• July 1st 2011 – July 1st 2011 (1 Day)
o First time taken in for SYNC issue.
o Reset SYNC told should take care of issue.
o Replace APIM if it does it again.

• July 7th 2011 – July 12th 2011 (5 Days)
o Second time taken in for SYNC issue.
o Reset SYNC and replaced APIM

• July 12th 2011 – July 22nd 2011
o Car sat while I was on a trip at home.
• July 22nd 2011 – July 28th 2011 (6 Days)
o Car died after driving a half mile from home.
o Car smelled like burning rubber and smoked from engine
o Wouldn’t restart.
o Issue with Starter ordered part and replaced.
o Also complained about SYNC issue again.
o Rental car
o Was told a future software fix would fix SYNC Issue

o Waited for update

• Was called in DEC promising a update by end of January 2012

• January 31st 2012 (1 Day)
o Third Time taken in for SYNC Issue
o Was told future update would fix issue
o Up
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