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2000 Sebring Alarm

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2000 Sebring Alarm

Postby Maslin » Sat Dec 03, 2016 9:22 pm

Hi Rob,

I have owned a 2000 JXi convertible since 2006, and have never yet been able to really understand the alarm. When following the instructions in the Sebring user user manual such as using the key etc to turn off the system, I've never been able to get it to work exactly as advertised.

I suspect it's a factory system since the annunciator is the car's horn. The remote's FCC ID is KYPTX002 which lists as a Chrysler factory item. Anyway, here's how it works.

The car is parked with the alarm armed. There is one 1/4" round  red LED installed to the left of the steering column sticking 1/8" out from the dash padding. There is another LED built into the right-hand area of the instrument cluster. When the alarm is armed, they blink(at different rates). I click the top left button on the remote and get one horn chirp. The doors unlock, the alarm disarms and I insert the key, start the car and drive. Door locks autoengage after 20 mph or so. I stop the car and remove the key. I exit the car, close the drivers door and hit the top right button on the remote; I hear three chirps - a set of two then a single one. This locks the doors and arms the alarm. Both LED's go back to blinking. If the driver's door is closed and I don't press the Arm button on the remote, I have around 30 seconds before the alarm arms itself, accompanied by two chirps. Both LED's go back to blinking. The doors do not lock themselves in this case. If I then hit the Arm button, I hear two single chirps, and the doors lock. The alarm remains armed.

This is rather painful due to the rushed exit I must always make from the vehicle, but whatever.

When the alarm on this car goes off, the horn beeps what sounds like morse code but what I'd wager are error codes or something from the engine. Staccato, different duration, beeps of every length and rhythm. It goes on for around 60 seconds then shuts up. Sometimes hitting the disarm button will bring it back to SOP as outlined above; sometimes nothing works and I must wait for it to stop, then reset the system using the remote by holding down the two buttons for > 5 seconds. Then I wait for around 15 minutes, and then I can arm and disarm as before.

So today I had my car worked on, and due to the alarm hassle they disconnected the battery, probably while the alarm was going off. When I picked the car up, they put the battery cable back on and the alarm went crazy immediately. I hit the Disarm button and drove out of the lot. I got into traffic and the horn chirped once, then again, and then the alarm went off *while I was driving*. This has never happened before, and I'm pretty sure it's now in some weird state or another.

It went off twice more on the way home(2 miles). I parked it and armed the alarm as usual. Then I decided to make this post before driving it again.

I'd love to be able to disable the damn thing until I sell the car next spring, but I can't figure out what's up. The extra LED on the dash makes me think it's aftermarket, but the LED in the cluster, the horn annunciator and the Chrysler remote indicate 'factory'.

I think I found the valet button but it doesn't seem to work. I thought it was supposed to turn off the system, but it's had no effect so far. How can I turn this alarm system off?

Sorry for the length of this post, but the devil's in the details and he loves typing. :-)

ANSWER: Hello,

What you have here is a real mess. It sounds like you have is a factory alarm and an after market.

There are two reasons I can't offer complete assistance. I am not at the car and Lord knows what kind of after market junk is installed.

The factory system does not chirp, you will hear a beep. The factory uses the horn not a siren.

I am also con erned abot the two leds. You may have two after markets and the factory alarm because generally the factory uses a security light in the dash on Chryslers.

Wow, I am wondering how you went this long without a problem.

I would suggest you go to http://www.autotheftexpert.com and contact me directly and maybe I can give you some guidence.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Sorry for the misunderstanding. When I used the word 'chirp' above, I didn't mean an aftermarket siren; I intended to convey that the horn gave an extremely short beep, shorter than I could do manually. Reimagining it from that perspective, what is the factory method for turning it off? Thanks
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2000 Sebring Alarm

Postby Urian » Mon Dec 05, 2016 10:44 pm

Hi Stephen,

the factory alarms are not designed to be turned off or disabled. They are wired into many other circuits.

There a number of comments you have made that lead me to believe you are dealing with aftermarket too.

Two leds are not from the factory system. You state you have only 30 seconds to start the car before it arms.

You are speaking of a passive system where it sets by itself.  Factory systems are active in which they require the driver to arm and once disarmed will stay that way.

To reset most factory systems, the door is locked with the button and the door closed. The driver's door is unlocked with a key.

That is the general reset for the factory systems.

You seem to have much more going on than just the factory alarm.

The aftermarket stuff can be removed, but here is your problem with factory installed-- the Chrysler dealer is the only one that can diagnose.

Worse yet, chances are real good replacement parts are no longer availae.  The car is too old.

In fact, because the car is 10 years old, Chrysler may no longer have the software to diagnose any problems in the factory system.

Contact me and we can talk about the problems. Extensive answers I do not get into with excessive typing.

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